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btk dennis rader court confession

Dennis Rader Confession in Court

BTK Killer Dennis Rader Confesses

Full 45 minute Dennis Rader Confession in Court video from local Channel 12 News. Watch more serial killer documentaries by subscribing to the Modern Serial Killer YouTube channel.

On June 26th, 2005 BTK Killer Dennis Rader, gives a chilling account of his crimes. He shocks the Sedgwick County District Court with his cold hearted confession and unexpected guilty plea.

BTK Trial

Dennis Rader, also known as Bind Torture Kill or the BTK Killer, was charged with 10 murders in February of 2005. As of 2004 the BTK murders had been classified as cold cases. In response, Dennis Rader decided to taunt the police in late 2004 through a series of communications. His letters to police and media ultimately led to his capture.

Dennis wouldn’t speak during his arraignment and as a result, the judge entered not guilty pleas on his behalf. My guess is that Rader never wanted to contest any of his crimes. He preferred that the world knew about his “accomplishments”. This is evident with his choice in representation, a public defender, despite bail being set at 10 million dollars. 

BTK Court Footage

The full court footage captured by a local news station serves as a video BTK trial transcript so to speak. It begins with Dennis Rader describing how he overtook his first victims, the Otero family. This scenario is true to his name, Bind Torture Kill. The youngest of his victims in this case was only age 9. I find the BTK court documents chilling to say the least.

Dennis Rader callously stands before the court and describes in great detail how each victim met their demise. He also explains his stalking patterns and the stages of escalation. As I watched the video, and I’m sure the court perceived it this way as well, there is zero emotion in Dennis. He speaks about his crimes and how they intertwined with sexual fantasies in the most casual tone.

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